Voter ID – Lenczewski Demonstrates a Clear Lack of Integrity

For years the GOP has been working to require photo identification for voters, in response to clear evidence of voter fraud (*).  The DFL opposes voter ID systems.

Bloomington DFL Representative Ann Lenczewski’s record on this issue is incomprehensible…intentionally.

Here is why:

Lenczewski enjoys support from the Bloomington League of Women Voters (LWV).  The LWV is supposed to be a non-profit organization not involved in partisan issues, but has taken a clear stand agains voter ID.

However, with  80% of constituents supporting Voter ID (*), Lenczewski doesn’t want to take an unpopular position dictated by her party and special interest group.

So, she throws integrity out the window and does everything she can to obfuscate her record.

Once again in this term, rather than having an honest discussion and representing her constituents, Lenczewski plays the political shell game:

  • In the 2011 session a bill (HF0210/SF0509) for voter ID was passed by the legislature then vetoed by DFL governor Dayton
  • There were a series of votes on the 2011 bill
    • AGAINST – Amendments by chief author Kiffenmeyer to clarify voter ID requirements:  Lenczewski voted against, but the amendments passed
    • AGAINST – Kerry Gauthier (DFL) attempted to re-amend the bill to weaken it and was called out of order.  Lenczewski voted to support Gauther, but was defeated.
    • AGAINST – Andrew Falk (DFL) attempted to “table” the bill so that it could be killed.  Lenczewski and DFLers supported this, but were defeated.
    • FOR – The bill was put to vote for passage.  Lenczewski switched sides (abandoned the DFL, joined the majority GOP) and voted for the bill, which was passed.
    • AGAINST – Lenczewski was immediately quoted in the local news(*): “I just cannot understand how anyone could think that this bill would ever get signed”, despite the fact that she just voted for it.
    • AGAINST – The bill was sent back to the Senate and committee, re-amended, and brought back up for vote.  Lenczewski voted against the Senate version to kill it, but was defeated.
    • FOR – The bill was brought up for final passage again, and Lenczewski voted for it, prevailing with the GOP majority against her DFL minority.
  • The bill was immediately (2011/05/26) vetoed by the DFL Governor Dayton.
  • In 2012 Kiffmeyer again raised the issue (HF2738) in the form of a constitutional amendment, allowing the voters of Minnesota to overrule the governor’s veto:
    • AGAINST – Again, the bill proceeded through the House legislative gauntlet, but eventually passed (2012/04/04) with Lenczewski voting (but failing) to defeat it .
    • AGAINST – The bill went to the Senate and came back to the House, and was passed again, with Lenczewski voting against it again along with her DFL party.

At this point, it should be clear that, as of 2012, Lenczewski is against voter ID provisions to clean up or election system.  In her last vote, she effectively said that she doesn’t even support the right of Minnesotans to decide this issue for themselves via a constitutional amendment voted on in a general election.

After years of trying to convince the electorate that she was with the majority of voters on this issue, Lenczewski has finally run out of wiggle room.  She has finally been forced to show where she stands and openly contradict her previous efforts to mislead voters into believing that she supported this issue.

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